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I was simming while Colly got her DD fix...

snapshot fff57faa 7ff57faf
Meet Aimee, Scorpio popularity sim. Likes undies and hardworkers.. and hates full face make up... (who doesn't?)

snapshot fff57faa 7ff586b4
I built a custom house for her. My homes are always sprawling... :)

snapshot fff57faa 1ff58766
Relatively cute paper girl but she has blue eyes.. a shade darker than Aimee... so nope.

snapshot fff57faa 5ff5883e
Her first walk-by is Ralph, Min's brother's sim. If it looks like they get along.. think again...

snapshot fff57faa bff58fae
He instigated 2 fights. That's right. 2. 

snapshot fff57faa bff59104
Yeah, even if they DON'T get along... I boolpropped the two together.. mwahahaha!

snapshot fff57faa dff58aa7
Have an absolutely hilarious pic of Ralph bawling his eyes out.
Ralph: Bawwwwwwwwww!!!!
Aimee: That's right motherfucker. CRY BABY CRY!!!

snapshot fff57faa 5ff58cb9
She made sammies and then, a few minutes later... she made mac n cheese... and uhh... Sarah?

snapshot fff57faa 9ff58cd8
Sarah: Must KILL...

You ok there Sarah??? O_O

snapshot fff57faa 1ff59097
Poor girl. Popularity sims really hate to be snubbed. :(

snapshot fff57faa 1ff58c08
She loves her coffee. :p

That's about it. More definitely.


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