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 Here are the pix...

snapshot 9fe59d23 9fe657a3
So, she had a baby girl, and I named the baby Kiana. (name meaning) Ki (as I call her) was a good baby... hardly crying at all... :)

snapshot 9fe59d23 3fe66508
I had Kristie take Ki into her room where the stereo was playing and I just loved how the baby would wave her arms and kick her legs to the music... so cute! :D

snapshot 9fe59d23 5fe65961
Yeah so Kristie got fat... 

snapshot 9fe59d23 7fe659b5
I decided that she should get fit...

snapshot 9fe59d23 dfe6685f
Ki grew up! And she doesn't have the Bendett nose either! Huzzah!

snapshot 9fe59d23 dfe66d6f
She sure is a cutie! :) I'm pretty sure that is the Sims2 version of the claw...

snapshot 9fe59d23 1fe66bfa
Here is Kristie teaching her girl how to talk... I had a pic of her teaching Ki how to walk but I guess I deleted it when I was paring down the images...

snapshot 9fe59d23 9fe66a1d
D'aww... see Kiana is a good kid?

snapshot 9fe59d23 9fe669ca
Well, most of the time LOL

snapshot 9fe59d23 7fe66a83
Nice parenting skills there Kristie.

snapshot 9fe59d23 7fe66ce9
Her tub broke so I had her fix it... incidentally her toilet broke @ the same time hehe...

snapshot 9fe59d23 bfe66e8c
Oh hai Ricky Cormier. Thanks for the sperm donation :p

snapshot 9fe59d23 1fe6708f 
Yepp. She's preggers. :)

snapshot 9fe59d23 dfe67dea
I guess this is the only pic of Delaney as a baby that I have...oh and Kiana grew up.. well I might add too.. :)

snapshot 9fe59d23 ffe67823
Here is a pic for Min... Kristie babyplops!!

snapshot 9fe59d23 dfe683ed

This is Delaney after her birthday...

snapshot 9fe59d23 ffe6553d
And here is my Joe. :D


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