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I was simming for awhile on my sister's computer today and here is what I did...

This is Addison Spade, Cancer fortune sim. (My first fortune sim) She likes hard workers (no duh... eh?) and undies and she hates full face make up. :) That's her boston terrier Elvis she's playing with...

Sort of pretty newspaper guy...

Our first walk by was Ben Long. What were they talking so animated about?

Ben: I want to fertilize your eggs.
Addy: OK! :D
Me: Er.. ok. :p

And yes, I boolpropped her with Ben... lets hope that that nose doesn't pass on. XD

Aww.. everyone hates Eddy.. everytime I play someone in Pleasantview, they ALL pick on Eddy Proudfoot my sim I created ages ago... whyyyyyyyy??? Stupid Nina.

OMG. I turn around two secs and Nina and Eddy are duking it out! O_O

Note Addy just ignoring that shit and just painting away... LOL

Nina's death stare can melt diamonds. Never mess with a red head. Sorry Eddy luv...

Her house. :) Since she is a fortune sim, I picked out expensive stuff.

I just put this out of sequence to show you the infamous Long nose. Oyy.. :p

Elvis digging holes in the yard. :p

Getting out of her car...

Washing the dog...

That's all..

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