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It was asking me to download some Flash or Java thing but my anti-virus software deemed it not safe so.. IDK.. Anyways, here is an update for you.

Ashley and Mel talk about ... erm.. eggs?

Mel was yakking on about jail again...  she's in the criminal career track so.. maybe she's afraid of being caught? Or she perhaps enjoys talking about the hoosegow? IDK..

So, Ben doesn't believe in aliens eh? Never been to Strangetown have ya Ben? :)

Ok. I am so glad I nipped this in the bud. I don't need her dying on me. Stupid idiot Ralph knocks over her can. >:( They hate each other methinks. :|

Messy sim eating breakfast! :p

I love messy sims.. they burp and fart.. which makes for great images.

And there ladies and gentlemen, is my ALL TIME favorite Maxis sim. Mr. Joe Carr. :)

This is funny.. while Ash was busy puking...

This is what my Joe was doing.. you ok there honey? LOL

She really likes chatting about food. Silly girl.

Here is my favorite pic of Joe. ♥

That's about it. Sorry guys.. 



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