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So, I was simming last night bc I bought a USB mouse for our laptop.. and here is what I did b4 my sister wanted to watch DD...

snapshot 9fe59d23 3fe59d29
Here she is, She's a camo wearing, Virgo family sim who likes her men to be hard workers and wearing undies but doesn't like weres.. (I think)

snapshot 9fe59d23 bfe5a124
She is a neat freak so any bit of dirt bugs her. :)

snapshot 9fe59d23 5fe5a2ec
Honey, there is a bathroom in the house! Git!

snapshot 9fe59d23 1fe5a337
I swear, just minutes b4 she arrived to go the bathroom, Marisa the bitch (you will see why soon..) decides SHE has to go. -__- 

snapshot 9fe59d23 9fe5a2b4
Speaking of Marisa...

snapshot 9fe59d23 dfe5ac27
Bitchfight in the kitchen @ one o'clock!!

snapshot 9fe59d23 ffe5abf2
Yeaaaaaaaah... Ben just ignores it and does the recycling dance. :p

snapshot 9fe59d23 9fe5a848
That's for Min. She burnt the grilled cheese!  She has like 2 or 3 cooking points... so..

snapshot 9fe59d23 ffe5a8da
You made it bb, it's not my fault you burnt it. :p

snapshot 9fe59d23 7fe5a892
Here is her welcome wagon.. Brandi, Ben and Marisa. The funny thing is, they ate the burnt sammies just fine while Kristie nearly puked!

snapshot 9fe59d23 3fe5b34b
Coming to a college near you, wolves!! LOL

snapshot 9fe59d23 5fe5ad73
Yepp.. I boolpropped her with Marisa! (I just hope the kid doesn't get Marisa's nose hehe...)

snapshot 9fe59d23 5fe5b0d8

snapshot 9fe59d23 3fe5b2b9
Whatcha writing about honey? (I think that this was a glitch...)

That's it for now.. I will sim after this... I want to see what she popped out. (boy or girl)

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