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So.. I am simming as we speak, and I've got an ugly family for you..

snapshot ffd56707 3fd56712
Meet Ayden Gillespie. Aquarius family sim. Likes undies and blondes and doesn't like full face make up.

snapshot ffd56707 dfd57081
And here is his wife Skye. Gemini family sim. Likes brown haired men and undies and hates full face make up like Ayden. I think that Skye looks like Miss Piggy.. don't you think so??

snapshot ffd56707 9fd5709b
A cute picture.

snapshot ffd56707 5fd576d2
It took two freaking times to hear the baby chimes... 

snapshot ffd56707 bfd577dd
Their welcome wagon. The dude in blue that sorta looks like Jesus is Jase Robertson my sister's sim... and the girl in red is Colly's simself. You can see my simself too standing looking rather vacantly at the camera lol.. aaand Ayden and Skye are in their undies hehe.. Skye was actually bitching that she couldn't get down the stairs but she made it...

snapshot ffd56707 ffd5794d
This is a funny picture. Jase and Coll are making out... (get a room guys) and Ayden and Skye are making out too.. :p

snapshot ffd56707 7fd57867
Skye gives the camera a knowing glance...

snapshot ffd56707 5fd57b57
That tombstone next to Jan is the TOLAD (tombstone of life and death) which I love. I used it to hurry along Skye's pregnancy...

snapshot ffd56707 7fd57b91
Skye thinks that I'm acting cuckoo bc I think my simself was smustling or something? But honey, I think impaling your arm in the door is weirder and dayum, that has to hurt something bad!

snapshot ffd56707 dfd57c1a
Getting ready to give birth!

snapshot ffd56707 dfd57cbd
What are you doing Skye? Oy that poor kid. 

snapshot ffd56707 ffd57d7e
Everybody loves babies... well.. family sims do. ^_~

snapshot ffd56707 ffd57dc8
Meet Anthony Gillespie. :) 

That's all.. for now.

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